Kozman utilizes state-of-the-art Somet and Picanol looms, fitted with Staubli electronic jacquard machines, Staubli electronic dobby machines or cams. Using Picanol air jet looms, Kozman specializes in producing curtains with 317mm and 340mm jacquard striped and plain, 100% voile organza, fils coupe, fils coupe double organza, satin, linen, sable, taffeta, and shantung fabrics. Using Somet rapier looms, Kozman offers upholstery with its own delicate, detailed jacquard designs with one, two, or four repeats on silk, chenille, and cotton. Kozman has a line for paper printing produced on both plain and jacquard polyester fabrics, which are used for the company’s upholstery lines.